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ZaoKang fresh freeze dried gojiberry become the biggest highlight of "2018 Ningxia Goji”

Sponsored by the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region forestry department and the people's Government of China Wei City, the "2018 wolfberry industry exposition wolfberry harvest festival and the promotion of leisure agriculture in Zhong Wei city" was held in central zhongning county, Ningxia in from June 26th to 28th.

In June 27th, the Ningxia wolfberry industry leading enterprise, Ningxia wolfberry industry leading enterprise, held a dialogue and exchange interview on the green development, brand building and integration development of wolfberry industry, was held in the Forum on the industry development summit of wolfberry, which was held in June 27th. The development of high-end development offers suggestions to promote the development of wolfberry industry to a new level and achieve new breakthroughs.



Mr. Zhu Yanhua pointed out that Chinese wolfberry is the regional symbol, leading industry and cultural symbol of China and Nanjing. It is also the "red card" and "gold sign" of China and the country to the whole country. As the leader of Ningxia wolfberry industry, it is actively exploring the way of "standardization, modernization, informatization and digitalization", establishing the quality traceability system of the Perry source, perfecting the "supply chain and the commercial ecological circle", making two cards of science and technology and culture, and vigorously promoting the spirit of the craftsman, with the "first-class product" "First class service, first-class brand and first-class business mode" actively adapt to the market and win the market. We will continue to play a leading role in leading enterprises and make new and greater contributions to the redevelopment of Ningxia wolfberry industry.